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The Hilux started production in March 1968[1] as the RN10 in short wheelbase form with a 1.5 L engine. This was upgraded to a 1.6 L I4 engine in February 1971.

Non American markets:

1968-1971 - 1.5 L (1490 cc) 2R I4[1]
In April 1969, a long wheelbase version was added to the range. The short wheelbase version also continued in production for many more years. The long wheelbase version was not sold on the North American market until 1972.

In spite of the name "Hilux", it was a highly-luxurious vehicle only when compared to the Stout. Hilux was engineered and assembled by Hino Motors to augment the Hino Briska, Briska and Stout or to replace them in some markets (e.g. North America). For the North American market, the only body style was a regular cab short bed and all were rear-wheel drive. It used a typical truck setup of A-arms and coil springs in front and a live axle with leaf springs in back. A 4-speed manual transmission was standard.

American markets:

1969 - 1.9 L (1897 cc) 3R I4, 85 hp (63 kW)
1970-1971 - 1.9 L (1858 cc) 8R SOHC I4, 97 hp (72 kW)
1972 - 2.0 L (1968 cc) 18R SOHC I4, 108 hp (81 kW)
Non American markets:

1968-1971 - 1.5 L (1490 cc) 2R I4[1]
1971-1972 - 1.6 L (1587 cc) 12R I4[1]

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